We believe in a team approach to fueling life. We partner with healthcare professionals that provide a standard of care that is second to none. Here are some of the professionals we value on our team.

Kristi Colwell, MA, CMHC 206-726-6040
Dr. Priscilla Wright, 206-726-9446 Seattle Kelsey Devoille 206-947-2733, Kirkland

Dr. Brad Shoup, 425-899-5200. Kirkland
Dr. Mimi Johnson, 425-899-4200. Kirkland
Dr. Laurel Morrison, 206-625-7373. Bellevue
Dr. John Okane or Dr. Kim Harmon (UW Sports Med), 206-520-5000

Physical Therapists
Brent George, G4 Athlete, Mercer Island
Erik Moen, Corpore Sano Physical Therapy, Kenmore

Sports Performance Training
Daniel Jahn (DJ), Maximum Sports Conditioning, Factoria